This is the web page for metaDepth, a framework for multi-level meta-modelling.

The framework is developed by the miso research group from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Main contributors: Juan de Lara, Esther Guerra and Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado.

     Main Features
  • Support for an arbitrary number of ontological meta-levels. This makes MetaDepth especially useful to define multi-level languages.
  • Textual modelling.
  • Integration with the Epsilon family of languages. This means, EOL for in-place transformations, ETL for model-to-model transformations and EGL for code generation.
  • Hosts both Java and EOL as action and constraint languages.
  • Support for multi-level refactorings.
  • Support for derived attributes and constraints across multiple meta-levels.
  • No EMF-based, runs as a stand alone application.

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What's NEW?

Version 0.3 available

Check out our MODELS'16 tutorial here
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metaDepth: A framework for deep meta-modelling